Tutors for Schools

At Kent Teaching Solutions we understand the positive impact a tutor can make to a pupils education. 

Due to the global pandemic and temporary closures of schools, it is apparent that many children have missed out on crucial leaning and support from the Education services.

To counter the effects of the pandemic the government has pledged a 1-billion-pound funding for “catch up tuition”. We recognise to facilitate the demand, schools will need to use a trusted external provider for tutors.

Being recognised as a leading supplier of education staff in Kent and Medway we have established strong working relationships with Schools and Trusts.

We are committed to providing the best and most relevant tuition for your school and its pupils.

We wholeheartedly believe in a collaborative approach and will work with you to ensure you have the best tutors available, to deliver a tailored package to suit the needs of all pupils.

Find out more at the links below:

Tutors for Primary Schools

Tutors for Secondary Schools

Tutors for SEN Schools


Maximising Impact

For schools Coronavirus has created the test of a generation, with some pupils possibly having 6 months absence from the classroom and the effect of the pandemic will be far reaching for all children.

The way funding is utilised will determine what difference it makes. An evidence-informed approach gives the best chance of maximising impact, which leads to quality tutors delivering tailored and effective tuition.

Research conducted by the EEF shows 1:1 and small group tuition and intervention to be highly successful, and we believe will be crucial to the success of this initiative.

Further supporting information can be found on the EEF website.

This funding will ensure that every young person, no matter their age or where they live, gets the education opportunities and outcomes they deserve. By spending it on measures proven to be effective, particularly for those who are most disadvantaged, Kent Teaching Solution's Tutors can help close the attainment gap!

We specialise in recruiting the most experienced and qualified staff to support pupils throughout primary and secondary schools.  

Our tutors comprise of qualified and unqualified teachers, HLTA and teaching assistants who are able to build rapport, engage and raise attainment for learners. 

Our rigorous vetting process ensures you have peace of mind that all our tutors have all the mandatory checks in place, in line with the DFE guidelines.

To further support schools we provide all our tutors with regular training and CPD courses to consistently deliver the highest-level staffing.


How We Support Schools with through Tuition

We offer a flexible tutoring service that you can tailor to your school’s specific requirements. We appreciate that all schools will have varying needs so we want to ensure that we have all aspects covered for you, these include:

  • SATs Tuition
  • GCSE Exam Tuition/Revision
  • A Level Tuition/Revision
  • One-to-One Tuition
  • Small Group Tuition
  • Revision Courses
  • Extra Support for Looked After Children


Please contact our team on 01622 804025 or contact us here to discuss how we can help your school close the attainment gap and make the tuition catch up scheme as successful as possible.