Tutors for Primary Schools

The early years in a student’s life are crucial. The foundation of knowledge they build during primary school will allow them to attain educational success for years to come. At the same time, gaps in this foundation can lead to struggles in comprehension later on, leading to a loss of confidence that creates a downward cycle.

In order to ensure that these building blocks of knowledge are properly constructed a tutor can provide an effective and lasting impact on a pupil’s development.

Many children face developmental issues, both minor and severe, that keep them from academic achievement. Additionally, pupils can feel the impact if prolonged absences from school, such as that created by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We can help pupils to catch up quickly and effectively, closing gaps in attainment with tutors tailored towards your pupils needs.


Behaviour intervention – One to One Teaching Assistant

A pupil cannot benefit from a lesson if they are not present in the classroom, engaged in the lesson, and behaving appropriately for learning. Many schools take the view that good behaviour is a pre-requisite for learning, and that disruptive behaviour also distracts other pupils and negatively impacts on their learning.


Early Years Tutors for Schools

Early years education aims to ensure that young children have high-quality learning experiences before they start school.

Gaps between more affluent children and their peers emerge before the age of 5, so efforts to support children’s learning in the early years are likely to be particularly important for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Early education approaches typically include:

  • communication and language activities,
  • play-based learning,
  • interactive story-book reading, physical and creative activities, and
  • support for parents to encourage learning at home.


English Tutors for Primary Schools

English Language Tuition and English Literacy Tuition

Language and literacy provide us with the building blocks not just for academic success, but for fulfilling careers and rewarding lives.  

There is considerable effort in this area, particularly for younger and struggling readers.

Language and literacy are grouped together in this theme as they are closely related. Language is especially important in the Early Years and it continues to be important through primary and secondary education. 


Maths Tutors for Primary Schools

Mathematics is essential for everyday life and a foundation for careers in technology, science, and engineering, among many others.

For those pupils who are about to take SATS or the Kent / Medway Test this subject becomes increasingly important.


SEND Tutors and Teaching Assistants

Pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) have a learning difficulty or disability which requires special educational provision. 

They might face significantly greater challenges in learning than the majority of their peers, or have a disability which hinders their access to the teaching and facilities typically found in mainstream educational settings. There can be large attainment gap between pupils with SEND and their peers, which can be countered with well-matched and affective staffing.


Please contact our team on 01622 804025 or contact us here to discuss how we can help your school close the attainment gap and make the tuition catch up scheme as successful as possible.