We know that interviews can be a daunting prospect.  We have summarised our top 10 interview tips for you to work through as you prepare for that all important next step - turning that job interview into an offer.  

  1. First impressions count - it is widely believed that hirers make their decision within the first 90 seconds of meeting you 
  2. Be prepared - do your research, plan your questions based on your findings
  3. Don't waffle - Keep answers as succinct as possible to stop a possible tangent but don’t be afraid to open up a little as this can help build rapport 
  4. Why should they hire you? Exactly that
  5. Be positive - this helps exemplify your confidence and self belief
  6. Remember your body language - particularly eye contact and that all important firm hand shake
  7. Expect the unexpected - thinking on our feet doesn’t always come naturally, see tip number 10
  8. Develop rapport - even the most technically qualified candidate (on paper) can fall at this hurdle
  9. Clarify anything you’re unsure of - asking questions shows you are keen and are likely to make a considered judgement in terms of the employment options available to you
  10. Take your time to answer - this may seem easier said than done but don’t be uncomfortable with a few seconds silence, it may just help you make that well considered answer they are looking for

If you are looking for any advice or searching for a new job in education we are always happy to hear from you.