"Historic" changes to the schools funding formula in England will make it fairer and more transparent, says Education Secretary Justine Greening.

Changes announced last December sparked protests from parents concerned their schools were set to lose out.

Ms Greening said she was increasing the basic level of funding schools would get per pupil - with a minimum level of £3,500 for primary schools by 2019-20.

But Labour said it would still mean a real terms cut, due to inflation.

The new national funding formula was announced by the education secretary last December, following years of complaints that schools in different parts of the country were receiving different levels of per pupil funding.

But it was met with protests across England amid concerns that thousands of schools stood to lose money. In July, Ms Greening promised an extra £1.3bn over two years, found from elsewhere in the education budget.

Giving details of an updated version of the formula, Ms Greening told MPs on Thursday it was a "historic reform" that would address "inequities in funding that have existed for far too long" and would "direct resources where they are most needed".