Good morning,

I wanted to take the opportunity to provide a further update to my last update.

As mentioned, the initial details regarding the government's scheme have now been made available.

It is important to note the government have stated that they are hoping to have this scheme up and running by the end of April, designed to support where operations have been severely affected by coronavirus (COVID-19).

Some schools have remained open with a skeleton staff as you know, which means some opportunities remain.

I would like to reassure you that our entire team is currently working through this and it is our aim is to make sure that you are supported correctly during this time.

Workers eligibility, and amounts are all based on several criteria including start dates, and previous earnings.

It will take us some time to work this out, so please do understand we will only relay this information to you when we are certain of its accuracy.

This has been welcome and a positive step from the government and it is crucial that we manage this whole process properly, for everybody.

Thank you again and take care.

Kind Regards,

Marc Mead
Branch Manager
Kent Teaching Solutions