Damian Hinds has become the new Education Secretary, replacing Justine Greening. What are the questions waiting at the top of his in-tray? And what should he do differently to avoid the sudden exit of his predecessor?

1) How to get back the political initiative?

Damian Hinds will have to re-energise the Conservatives' vision for education, finding something positive that will connect with the public.

From the perspective of 10 Downing Street, it must have seemed as though Labour was making much of the weather over schools and universities.

Parents were worried about being asked to bail out cash-starved schools. And Jeremy Corbyn's promise to scrap tuition fees had seen Labour's student vote reaching record levels.

Justine Greening seemed unenthusiastic about the prime minister's Tory heartlands view of education, characterised by the push for more grammar schools.