All self-employed tutors should be legally required to have a criminal records check before they can offer private lessons to children in the UK, children's charity the NSPCC says.

A current loophole means self-employed tutors do not have to undergo Disclosure and Barring Service checks.

The NSPCC says this loophole creates an "ideal scenario" for "any predatory adult seeking to harm children".

The Home Office said it would "carefully consider" the comments.

Teachers working in schools must have a DBS check, which looks for criminal records and ensures they have not been banned from working with children or suspended from the profession.

Many tutoring agencies will insist on an up-to-date check on their staff, but some do not - and individuals setting up privately are not legally required to have a DBS certificate.

Employers and licensed bodies can request DBS checks, but individuals cannot, meaning parents and tutors cannot run such checks.

Now, the NSPCC is calling for a tightening of the law to ensure every individual giving private tuition undergoes a check, saying the same rules should apply for self-employed tutors as for classroom teachers.