We’ve sourced our top online Christmas pointers (d’you get it?!) so you don’t have to. 

Gordon Ramsay Says:

“My secret to keeping the meat moist is to not worry about serving it piping hot. Warm meat with hot gravy is stunning. Get up at 5am, pop your turkey into the oven at 220°C/Gas 7, for an hour, then turn the oven down, go back to bed and let it cook for a couple more hours. Take it out at 9am and sit it upside down for a few hours so the juices run through.”

Warm up plates in the dishwasher

When your oven is even more stuffed than your turkey, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to squeeze in the dinner plates to heat up. Instead, put your dinnerware in the dishwasher for a quick rinse beforehand, and they’ll be the perfect temperature. 

Throw away your shopping list

Some choose to forego the stress of shopping for family members in favour of sharing special moments and experiences. Treating loved ones to a theatre show, for example, or breakfast at a fancy cafe. 

Keep your Christmas tree perky

Does your tree shed needles quicker than your nan downs that first glass of sherry? Then move it somewhere cooler. Many of us without thinking put our tree by a radiator or fireplace, but all that heat will dry the tree out more quickly. A cool, draughty place, such as a hallway, will mean you don’t spend the whole festive period glued to a  vacuum.

Chill those bubbles in no time

Forgot to put the champers for your party in the fridge? Wrap the bottles tightly in a damp tea towel, then pop them into the freezer. Because heat travels more quickly through dense materials (the waterlogged towel) than air, your fizz will be ice-cold and ready to pour within 20 minutes.


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