There is a risk plans to turn all state schools in England into academies will not raise school standards, a group representing 37 largely Conservative local authorities has warned.

Councillor Paul Carter, from the County Councils Network, said the government was pursuing change with "undue haste". 

Under draft government plans, all state schools in England will have to leave the oversight of councils by 2022. 

A Department for Education spokesman said the concerns were "misplaced".

The evidence around academies is mixed, with most experts agreeing there is no conclusive proof the model is the single best way to improve education. 

Councillor Carter is chairman of the County Councils Network and also leader of Kent County Council and a governor of a multi-academy trust.

He told the BBC: "My concern is that the change will lead to a poorer education system operating across Kent, and more broadly England, because the value that local authorities generally provide to schools will be removed."