A-levels are not the only route to university, with a range of alternative qualifications securing a degree place, says the admissions service, Ucas.


Ucas urges parents and teachers to be more aware of other options, as rising numbers of students apply to university without the traditional three A-levels.

Ucas figures show more UK students are taking alternative qualifications, such as BTecs, alone or alongside A-levels.

In 2015, 15% of 18-year-old applicants took up a BTec, up from 11% in 2011.


New statistics published by Ucas also show that more than a quarter (26%) of all students from England accepted on to degree courses last year held at least one BTec, compared with 14% in 2008.



However, the study shows A-levels are still the most popular and successful route into university, with just under two-thirds (63%) of UK 18-year-olds applying for degree courses last year studying for three A-levels.


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