Pay L6-L14 dependent on experience


Posted Thursday 22nd Feb 2024

Close Date Friday 29th Mar 2024 (closed)

Job Description

We are looking for a Headteacher for a small, independent SEN school in Rochester who are reopening and have a great future ahead of them.

The school offers places to vulnerable children who have found themselves in care and this school offers a safe educational setting for them.  The pupils are aged between 8-16 years of age and have a range of educational and emotional needs.  

Do you have a passion for SEND and leadership experience?  Are you looking for a new and exciting challenge..?

Main Activities:


Give a high priority to the further development of a wide range of teaching and learning opportunities.


Ensure that a system for monitoring and developing the quality assurance of teaching and learning is in place.


Ensure that statutory requirements for the varied curriculum are met.


Provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. Have oversight of the curriculum, pastoral care and administration of the school all of which should be appropriate to the pupils’ experience, interests and aptitudes.


Promote the effective management of pupil behaviour.


Ensure that there is an effective assessment, recording and reporting system of pupil progress.


Monitor and evaluate the curriculum with the teachers


Encourage new developments in the curriculum in the context of local and national initiatives.


Ensure that the outcomes of Every Child Matters are embedded within the school.




Liaise with the directors in the recruitment and selection of teaching and support staff

Maximise the contribution of all staff to improving the quality of education provided and standards achieved.

Manage effectively the deployment and performance of all staff.

Ensure that the requirements for Performance Management are fully in place.

Create and maintain good working relationships amongst all members of the school community.

Sustain motivation.

Promote the school’s ethos in which the highest standards are expected from all members of the school community.

Ensure that professional duties are fulfilled as specified in the School Teachers job description.


Have a duty of care regarding staff welfare.

Encourage initiative and team work.

Liaise with representatives of teacher organisations.



Plan, manage and monitor the curriculum within the agreed budget, setting appropriate priorities for expenditure allocating funds and ensuring effective administration control.

Ensure the regular monitoring of the budget.

Ensure that financial regulations are adhered to.

Manage and organise accommodation efficiently and effectively to ensure that it meets the needs of the curriculum and health and safety requirements.

Ensure that the allocation and use of accommodation provides a positive learning environment that promotes the highest achievements for all.

Monitor and evaluate value for money.

Seek to secure adequate resources for the school.


Work closely with the Directors as appropriate.

Ensure that parents/ carers/ social workers and pupils are well informed about curriculum attainment and progress and are able to understand targets for improvement.

Develop and encourage working partnerships with parents/ carers/ social workers.

Develop and encourage good relations between the school and the local community

Develop and encourage good relations between the school and other agencies including Social Services and Health professionals.


SEN Headteacher

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SenCo / Head Teacher

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